Data and Analysis


This page lists some of the useful websites containing data and reference materials on the state of natural and human systems, as well as articles analyzing current affairs and global trends. We do not necessarily agree with all the content on these websites. As we have only begun to develop this list, please let us know about other interesting websites at  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


American Society for Cybernetics
Association for the Study of Peak Oil
Authentic Happiness
Earth Policy Institute 
Economic Strategy Institute
Foundation on Economic Trends
Global Footprint Network
Green Energy News
International Futures
Institute for the Analysis of Global Security
Institute for Sustainable Futures
Millennium Development Goals Report
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Reports
Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Oil Depletion Analysis Centre
Resilience Alliance
Resources for the Future
Rocky Mountain Institute
The Happiness Show
UNDP Human Development Reports
UN Systems-wide Earthwatch
World Bank World Development Reports
World Resources Institute
World Values Survey
WWF Living Planet Report

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