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The purpose of BEST Futures is to help develop and spread sustainable* views, visions and values. We want to share our materials with you in a way that benefits everyone: you and your community as well as us and the many other people who have contributed to our work.

  *By sustainable we mean sustainable development: improving the quality of human life (and all life) while at the same time maintaining and improving the carrying capacity of the earth's biophysical systems.


As long as you follow these guidelines you may freely use, copy, and distribute our materials:

(1) Credit must be given to BEST Futures whenever our materials are used.

(2) Our materials may only be used for non-commercial purposes. You may not sell our materials in any way (e.g. reproduce them in a commercial publication), unless you first have our written permission.

(3) Our materials may not be used or quoted out of context or in any way that alters or distorts their original meaning.


Note: It is our policy to fully respect copyrights. In the case of materials that we have not created ourselves or purchased, we have attempted to discover the owners and to secure their permission to use their photos, diagrams or text. Please contact us if we have made any errors in crediting copyright owners and we will make corrections.


For more detailed information on using and distributing our materials, see the Creative Commons Licence below.



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