About BEST Futures


The goal of BEST Futures is to support the emergence of a sustainable global system through providing people and communities with new tools, perspectives, and knowledge.

BEST Futures began in 2003 as a research project designed to develop, apply and disseminate our Biosocial Evolutionary Systems Theory model (the BEST Model) of societal change and evolution. The project builds on the work of Alastair M. Taylor (1915-2005), who used systems theory to develop a unique model of the historical evolution of societies and their world-views. We intend to involve other people in the project as the work expands.

We use the BEST Model to:

(1) Explain the historical evolution of societal systems and worldviews
(2) Explain the natural and societal processes shaping current and future events
(3) Develop systems tools and teach systems thinking
(4) Support the emergence of an integral world view and vision

At present we are working in the following areas: 

Image  Books Evolution's Edge, Wild Foresting, Animals and Ethics, Time-Space-Technics

Image  Educational Products Graphic Presentations

Image  E-Learning The SpringBoard Project

Image  Films Film Proposals

Image  Lectures We teach university courses based on our materials. Please contact us if you
         would like us to speak to your organization, lecture, or lead workshops.

Image  Collaboration We want to network ideas and resources with other individuals and
         organizations and collaborate on the development of sustainable solutions.


Because we want to develop and spread constructive ideas and values, we encourage you to download and copy our on-line articles for your personal use and to e-mail them to your friends. However, we retain all copyrights – our materials may not be reproduced for sale or commercial purposes without our permission.

BEST Futures is based in Victoria, Canada and Brisbane, Australia. At present it is composed of:

Angus M. Taylor (Political Science, Philosophy)

Duncan M. Taylor (Environmental Studies)

Fereshteh M. Sadeghi (Architecture, Graphic Design)

Carla Martinez (Public Administration, Spanish Translations)

Charles A. Blake (Art, Sustainabale Technologies)

Graeme M. Taylor (Peace and Conflict Studies, Social Systems) Project Coordinator

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